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Occasionally, we offer features on, such as message boards or forums, blogs, polls, testimonials, company rating, and other customizable Content areas, for users to post and exchange opinions on topics related to the topic discussed in such public Posting Areas. The following terms apply if you visit, use or make submissions to the Posting Areas.  

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You must not submit or send through (all Posting Areas included) any Materials, or engage in any activity that:

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c. seeks to facilitate or endorse identity theft or impersonates any person, business or entity;

d. violates rules and regulations of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, EU Trade Policies and the national, interstate, international or other securities exchanges, including without limitation the rule against making false or misleading statements to manipulate the price of any security;

e. endangers, infringes or violates the rights of third parties including, but not limited to: trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret, publicity or other corporate or individual rights;

f. endorses any activity that would constitute a criminal offense, or that results in civil liability;

g. promotes falsehoods or misrepresentations that could potentially damage or slander any person or entity, or is otherwise defamatory, libelous, fraudulent or misleading;

h. promotes & advertises as superior or harasses, victimizes, discriminates against, degrades, offends, or intimidates an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, nationality, race, ethnicity, lifestyle, gender, job status, sexual orientation, disability, or age;

i. constitutes touting of stock;

j. promotes or links to websites that contain harmful or malicious software or intrusive/aggressive computer code, invites to create or download, or directly contains malware, spyware, viruses or any other computer code, files or programs that interrupt, slow down, monitor, destroy, damage, record or limit the functionality of any user and/or computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment, or otherwise allow unauthorized access and/or use of a computer or computer network;

k. is unlawful, threatening, abusive, harassing, invasive of another's privacy, tortious, or contains explicit or graphic descriptions, recommendations, or accounts of, violent, offensive or sexual acts;

Note that Materials deemed unacceptable by this Agreement may NOT be stored within the non-public areas of such as without limitation your Edit Profile Console or the MY Cornerstones area, you must not try to store any illegal or unacceptable information or data on our servers.

You must never attempt to retrieve or download any non-public information from our servers, public information may only be saved or downloaded from the AFTER obtaining clear legal permission from an authorized person within our company to do so.

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To help you clearly understand and comply with these Terms of Use, you agree to review the public information published by the U.S. Security Exchange Commission regarding the bylaws governing insider trading at

The safety and back up of any valuable Content or Materials that you store on any customizable area on are your responsibility. We will not account for, investigate or explain the loss of any data, Content or Materials you elect to save or store on our servers.

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