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By Oleg K. Temple, December 2019.

The whirlwind tour comprised a rich cultural agenda, guided excursions of historical sights and tourist attractions, such as the Nan Qiang showcase settlement of the beautiful villages project; the elaborate Romantic Show, the Luhuitou Park and the Boundary Island—all scenic gems in Sanya; the majestic West Lake in Suzhou, as well as an introduction to China’s economic powerhouses including Suzhou’s industrial park, where a symposium was held at TongCheng-Elong Holdings, a giant in the online travel agency arena. Other notable tours on the event’s path included: Hainan’s Chun Guang Coconut Factory where participants were able to sample numerous unusual products created on site—from confectionaries, powered coconut milk and jackfruit sparkling wine to perfumes, the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, Agricultural International Technology Transfer Park and the Hainan Province Haiyu Academy of Pearlology in Sanya.

The workshop culminated in a series of vibrant presentations by each delegation of their homeland. Latvia was presented by Mr Kaspars Ulanovs of the Pullman Hotel and Mr Oleg Temple, CEO of The Cornerstones of World Business. The 45-minute presentation was well-received by the audience and comprised an overview of Latvia’s geography, culture, Latvia-China cooperation projects and cultural events with a focus on the contemporary tourism industry and economic trends.

On Wednesday, 30thOctober Mr Min Zhuo, the Director of the Department of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation, Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce declared the event successfully concluded. In response to the Latvian delegation’s query regarding China’s long-term strategy for organising these international workshops, the Deputy Director of the Department of Commerce, Mr Haibing Wang, who co-chaired both the opening and closing events, explained that the seminars are intended to deepen long-term friendship, understanding and trust between China and the recipient countries, build a platform for Hainan to communicate with the outside world in the capacity of an advantageous free trade zone and port, as well as generously share China’s experience and success for the prosperity of all. The overarching goal is for the world to understand China better.

Mr Zhuo went on to amplify these sentiments further: “Since 1950s, in addition to self-development, China has, under the framework of “South-South Cooperation,” provided economic and technological aids within our means to more than 120 developing countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean region, the Oceania and Eastern Europe. The purpose of China’s foreign aid is to help other countries to strengthen their abilities of developing themselves, to realistically improve people’s livelihoods, and to promote the economic and social advancement of the recipient countries. China’s foreign aid is mutual assistance among developing nations, and follows the principle of equality, win-win, and no political strings attached. The training of foreign personnel falls into this category.” Thereafter, Mr Zhuo and Mr Bing personally congratulated each of the participants and awarded each country representative a certificate of completion and a specially crafted tea set as a souvenir.

At the opening of the international conference, Mr Rong stated: “I hope that the beautiful scenery in China and Hainan can deeply impress you.” As the participants said their farewells, the consensus was that the Deputy Director’s hope had been realised in the fullest possible way.

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden
Sanya Barrier Island
Hainan Province Haiyu Academy of Pearlology in Sanya
Panorama view of Sanya


Sophia Knight:

16 Dec 2019 17:40

Sounds great! You got to see quite a bit of China and presented your country to colleagues. Other countries should do this.

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