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Why And How To Look For The Cheapest Air Flights For Your Travel?

By Umer Ishfaq, March 2020.

In an age when air travel is becoming expensive by the day, it is important to keep a look out for the cheapest deals to keep your budget under control. Whether you are traveling alone or with your family, the cost of air tickets can add up considerably. But with the coronavirus spread these days, booking an air flight might not be all that easy. Despite the fact that many flights are cancelled and people are opting for staycations, the supply is waning due to tighter controls and flagging demand. As a result, many airlines have shut down their services and flights have been discontinued. However, according to experts, this pandemic is predicted not to last more than a few more months. After that, things will be back to normal and all airline services will resume. Then, you will be planning your trips for work or recreation and will look for economically feasible flights.

Companies regularly offer exciting deals, but people simply don’t find out about them in time. This article explains some of the tips you can follow to look for cheap flights to Melbourne or any destination of your choice.

1. Focus on facts

There are tons of false information online claiming to offer the best and cheapest flights to any part of the world. Almost all of these are simply clickbait links that offer nothing of value. There is no particular day or time when ticket prices magically drop. In fact, no one can predict when ticket prices rise and fall apart from some common sense assumptions.

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2. Allow some margin in your schedule

If you want to visit a particular destination at a particular time of the year, chances are others have the same idea. The result is that ticket prices are going to rise. It’s simply demand and supply. Try being a little more flexible where possible. If you move your travel plans by a day or two, you can avoid the peak season and get a better price on your ticket. Off season is the best time to fly as is during the weekdays rather than the weekends.

3. Don’t set your heart on any destination

As long as you are flying for pleasure, be flexible with your destination. With so many price comparison websites you can easily find which destination has the cheapest ticket and build your travel plans around that. It is a great way to explore new destinations while staying within budget. Google Flights is a great place to find current air ticket prices for various destinations.

4. Opt for no-frill airlines

Air travel offers a lot of convenient options if you travel on a budget airline. These are cheap but come without the wonderful trappings people associate with air travel. Limited luggage, no inflight entertainment and sparse dining options are some of the things you will have to bear with no-frill budget airlines. But you will end up saving a lot of money.


5. Take connecting flights

Direct flights are always more expensive than connecting flights. If you can bear a longer route and spending a few more hours on the place and in airport lounges, then you can easily save some dollars. Just go online and compare the rates for direct and connecting flights to your destination. You’ll clearly see the difference as the savings can go up to a couple of hundred dollars.

6. Take the special deal

If you plan a few months ahead, you can actually come across some exciting deals that can be availed at the last minute. You might have to adjust your travel plans slightly but the savings can be considerable. These tickets come with a small window of opportunity but need you to be constantly looking for them otherwise you will miss them.

7. Try different search engines

If you are searching for flight information online, then it is better to use multiple search engines. Explore Bing and Yahoo Search along with Google as the prices can differ on these search engines. The relatively less known search engines feature budget airlines that offer even cheaper flights. This means that you have more options to compare and get the best deals for your family. Some good examples are Skyscanner and Momondo where you can find details you wouldn’t find on mainstream sites like Google.


It is always possible to find the best and cheapest deal for your travel plans. As it is not advisable to travel nowadays during the widespread flu, it is still a good idea to do some research work through the internet and plan in advance. The perfect trip is one that is well planned; where you can find the best deals and enjoy while saving some money. With the popularity of budget airlines and price comparison sites, there is more room for you to beat the system and find the cheapest flights to wherever you want to go. All you need is some extra effort and forward planning to find the best deal well before you intend to travel.


Jacky Z.:

31 Mar 2020 15:03

soon companies will PAY us to travel... but ultimately, the travel industry will no doubt recover: 咸鱼翻身!


31 Mar 2020 22:34

Great! Where there is a need, there is a way.


02 Apr 2020 08:48

hope dies last, i guess! )))

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