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Are democracy and capitalism mutually-exclusive? (Part 1 of 3)

By Oleg Temple, September 2017.

Central Florida–a dream for real estate investors

By Krista Taurins, February 2014.

Amusement parks, sunny beaches less than an hour away, perfect weather, and affordable properties. What's not to love?

Rethink Power & Energy Solutions – bright ideas to keep you warm

By Oleg K. Temple, November 2010. Published in PRIME Match Magazine #40.

The advent of the energy revolution in this new millennium is as unstoppable as sunrise on a new day, try as they might (by buying up and suppressing new energy patents, political lobbying etc.), the oil giants can do nothing to halt the inevitable. The technologies to heal the world and its people exist and once they become available at fair market prices (rather than at prices aimed at deterring the consumer), factories will begin mass production and the consumer will take to clean technologies like fish to water.

The Baltic Power Scene

By Oleg K. Temple, October 2010. Published in PRIME Match Magazine #40.


Nuclear power is generated through controlled (i.e., non-explosive) nuclear fission reactions that vaporize water and the steam drives the turbines to generate clean electricity.

Overview of the ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY 2010

By Oleg K. Temple, October 2010. Published in PRIME Match Magazine #40.

The 6th international exhibition on energy, energy efficiency, infrastructure and environmental technologies, ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY 2010 took place at the International Exhibition Centre in Riga on Ķīpsala October 14-17.

Will the Eurozone umbrella hold or fold?

By Oleg K. Temple, June 2010.

To ensure that their markets remain upright and sprightly in the long-term, in the good old days, the EU countries came together and created sensible (albeit optimistic) fiscal rules that set the gyration boundaries for their rapidly unfurling economies. Government debt must always reside south of 60% of GDP at the end of the fiscal year and the annual government deficit must not eclipse 3% of total GDP. Shockingly, Finland and Luxembourg are the only two of the 16 Eurozone countries that have managed to rein in the rapacious crisis and adhere to both of these cardinal rules. Hence, the EU economy plummeted into disarray and the path to recovery is proving to be a slow and arduous one.


Top Tips for Buying and Selling a Home

By Mark Nash.

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