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What Is On-Page SEO And What Are On-Page SEO Techniques?

By Vivek Dubey, added May 2019

On Page SEO Techniques

On-Page SEO is the process of enhancing particular websites in series to get a position higher and produce more appropriate online traffic in search programs. On Web page pertains to both similarly the information and HTML source rule of a website that is usually enhanced, as in comparison to Off-Page SEO which includes to links and some other outbound signals. On-Page SEO Techniques has customized over the age groups, so it's essential to proceed to keep up with the latest On Webpage SEO. Here is the most up-to-date article about On Webpage SEO from the Wamp Infotech Weblog, and we choose our recommended resources to assist you together with your trip.

How to start a business: The 4 tenets of business ethos or how to build relationships when starting a business

By Oleg K Temple, November 2018

When researching how to start a business, etiquette is one of the fine details people tend to overlook. Etiquette is too often taken for granted and its importance underappreciated. Despite the fact that proper manners are a sign of a good upbringing and label the individual as a cultured member of society. After all, if you do not understand how business mannerisms work, you have no business being in business, right? First impressions are important, as is body-language. We all know that and yet we assume that we will always react correctly and respond flawlessly. However, etiquette is a learned skill like any other. It takes practice and a willing, supple frame of mind to assimilate good habits.

Media: The Common Sense Guide To Modern Advertising - Part II

By Oleg K. Temple, June 2014.

In Part one of this article we examined the logic behind your campaign, now let us review execution. A meticulously designed campaign can still ‘fall flat on its face’, if the execution is not timely and well-coordinated.

Media: The Common Sense Guide to Modern Advertising - Part I

By Oleg K. Temple, April 2014.

When planning to invest in an advertising campaign for our business, some of the considerations are: who constitutes our target audience, how should we reach out to them and when or how often. In a perfect business world, the short answers to these questions would be: everyone, effectively and constantly.

How to successfully market your hotel, travel agency or any other business (part 2)

By Oleg K. Temple, April 2011.
Part II of III - The lifecycle of a meme

Isaac Newton's third law affirms: “action is equal and opposite to reaction”, so it is with a marketing campaign – the larger your goal, the harder it is to tip the scales from concept to prospect at takeoff and then keep the campaign flying. You may wonder, how does this apply to the hotel industry – “as a manager of a mid-sized guesthouse snugly situated in the tranquil English countryside, what do I care for memes?” The answer is simple: advertising is about getting the right kind of attention for your hotel or any other business, i.e. to attract guests or customers and retain them as regulars. Even if you design the most exclusive hotel or guesthouse with state of the art conference facilities, luxury restaurants and top-notch amenities, without promotion your hotel would shrivel and fail – this applies the same way for luxury hotels located in New York, Chicago, Berlin and anywhere else in the world, just as it does for budget hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts and the like.
The difference that the internet and in particular social media has brought is that now SMEs can market themselves at a fraction of the cost, with the predominant part of the investment being time, i.e. anyone can strike the creative spark idea spark idea that will start as a susurrus and then suddenly become amplified and intensified into a squall taking the internet by storm. In the previous part of this article, we examined the recent hoax that rocked Twitter, this time around, we will look closer at the vectors of change and how memes of such vast magnitude are born and replicate.

How to successfully market your hotel, travel agency or any other business

By Oleg K. Temple, April 2011.
Part I of III - The snowflake that brought down a mountain

Marketing your company is a vital necessity in any business – the basic marketing principles apply in the same way for hotels in California, as they do for travel agents in Illinois and financial consultants in London or Brussels. Rules of engagement are: identify your target group and figure out how to pique their interest in regard to your product or service. The internet is a wonderful tool and the recent ascension of social media to the forefront of marketing has empowered many SMEs, allowing them to promote their products effectively and at low monetary cost. Still, the challenge remains – how to make your idea stick in everyone’s mind and stand out above the buzz? Why should tourists lodge at your hotel or buy specifically from your business? You will be able to answer all these questions yourself once you understand how to engineer and orchestrate the social mechanics behind the Tipping Point.

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