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Why And How To Look For The Cheapest Air Flights For Your Travel?

By Umer Ishfaq, March 2020.

In an age when air travel is becoming expensive by the day, it is important to keep a look out for the cheapest deals to keep your budget under control. Whether you are traveling alone or with your family, the cost of air tickets can add up considerably. But with the coronavirus spread these days, booking an air flight might not be all that easy. Despite the fact that many flights are cancelled and people are opting for staycations, the supply is waning due to tighter controls and flagging demand. As a result, many airlines have shut down their services and flights have been discontinued. However, according to experts, this pandemic is predicted not to last more than a few more months. After that, things will be back to normal and all airline services will resume. Then, you will be planning your trips for work or recreation and will look for economically feasible flights.

5 considerations when moving to Canada

By Umer Ishfaq, February 2020.

If you are planning to tour Canada or if you have made up your mind to immigrate to the land of the maple, here are a few crucial considerations to bear in mind.

How to start your new life in Switzerland

By Amy Sky, January 2020.

Many Americans move to Switzerland for the "high quality" of life, the Swiss outdoor lifestyle and reasonable wages and jobs, despite the infamous high cost of living in Switzerland.

Preparing to move to Switzerland requires a long checklist for immigration, residency, education, childcare, insurance, and utilities. Other factors must be arranged soon after moving to Switzerland, including mandatory registration with local authorities, social security and tax numbers, Swiss compulsory health insurance, and a television license.

A Short City-Break Sight-Seeing Tour of Milan

By Kimmo Korpilahti, November 2019.

The story goes that Milan was founded by the Celtic Insubres people in 600 BC. A few hundred years later the area came under the rule of Rome and was renamed to Mediolanum, foreshadowing the modern name: Milan. Over the centuries, the rulers of Milan have changed many times, each culture leaving its distinctive mark on the region.  

Contemporary Milan, with its many faces, is the second largest city in Italy and the beating heart of Italy´s economy and industry, as well as one of the world´s top fashion capitals. Milan is likewise a leading centre of education, culture and tourism. Nine million tourist visits on average per year, nominates Milan as one of Europe's most popular travel destinations.

Hangzhou—China's Priceless Pearl

By Oleg K. Temple, November 2019.

Discovering Hangzhou

The seventh day of our tour saw us briefly drop anchor in amazing Hangzhou—the bustling ‘Silicon Valley’ of China. With its stable climate and lush parks, sprawling over 68% of its area, 杭州 (Hangzhou) has also become called the Garden City. Throughout its history, the town also proved to be a safe haven from extreme weather conditions and natural disasters. An old saying goes: 上有天堂, 下有苏杭 “Heaven above, 苏州 (Suzhou) and Hangzhou below”, in other words, these cities are paradise on Earth. The cities were loved by many Western explorers including Marco Polo who remarked in his memoirs that Suzhou is "the city of the earth" and Hangzhou is "the city of heaven". Marco Polo has been widely used in the city’s branding and it is no surprise that Hangzhou introduced itself as "Paradise on Earth" while hosting the 2016 G20 summit.

China—Reality Versus Outdated Preconceptions

By Oleg K. Temple, November 2019.

What comes to mind when you think about China? What is your first go-to thought? The Great Wall? Kung Fu? Pandas and tigers? Overpopulation? The Communist Party? Let me know in the comments below. My personal knee-jerk association used to be: overpopulation. I just returned home after a conference in China on tourism management, where I was part of a delegation representing Latvia. So today, following an extensive tour of some of China’s largest cities, the word I would associate with China the most is progress. Progress on an unprecedented scale.


The ETIAS and Who Will Need It When Traveling to Europe?

By Shalini M, added August 2019


ETIAS is the short form of European Travel Information and Authorization System, which is a full- fledged electronic system that allows and also keeps track of the visitors of other countries who do not require a visa for entering into the Schengen Zone. The legal procedures needed to pass ETIAS started in 2016 and the system will most likely be in place by the year 2021.

5 Best Locations in Tuscany

By Carolee Duckworth, added July 2019

Why is Tuscany on almost everyone's bucket list? What is it about wandering around from hill town to hill town in Tuscany, passing through vast stretches of lush vineyards, that has such universal appeal? Why would you want to visit this idyllic part of the world yourself? And where should you go first in your wanderings?

Oregon Tourism

By Oleg Temple, November 2015

Oregon, nicknamed ‘the beaver state’, is among the most picturesque and bio-diverse regions of the United States. As the ninth state in terms of size and only the 27th in terms of population (area larger than Romania, but just about four million inhabitants—roughly the same as Croatia), Oregon is a perfect getaway from the ever-more-intrusive technological hustle and bustle of the modern age.

Hotel Conference Facilities in Antwerp, Belgium

Compiled by Oleg K. Temple, February 2010.

Hotel Conference Facilities in Malta

Compiled by Oleg K. Temple, January 2010.

Malta is an amazing nation with a vibrant history and culture that took root at the dawn of civilization. Despite ranking as the 7th most densely populated country (with 413,627 people living on an area of 316 km2), surpassed only by other tiny giants such as Macau (541,200 people on 29.2 km2), Malta is still, due to its secluded location, home to hundreds of rare and endemic species of flora and fauna.

In the last century, Malta was the anvil upon which the very fate of the World, wrought by titans of politics, was decided and forged. F.D. Roosevelt and W. Churchill formed an alliance that fuelled the Cold War at the Malta Conference in early 1945 and much later, in 1989, G. H. W. Bush met in Marsaxlokk with M. Gorbachev to pull the plug on the nuclear arms race and end the Cold War.

Inaugurated into the EU on May 1st 2004, along with Latvia, Poland, Lithuania and others, Malta exhibited remarkable economic growth and stability that allowed the government to enter ERM II already in 2005 and adopt the Euro from 2008. The Maltese Archipelago is renowned for its ideal climate, trade-friendly economy and gracious inhabitants. Malta offers a myriad of tourist attractions – from breathtaking architecture steeped in rich history, to natural wonders, putting the country on the map as a favourite “rest nest” for opulent holiday makers seeking a pure paradise of sea, sand and sun. As tourism poured into the soul of the Maltese economy, a multitude of elegant hotels offering state-of-the-art conference facilities blossomed around the islands of Malta and Gozo, making the country a magnet for business event organizers. Find out what’s ON in Malta in our Maltese Event Calendar 2010 or read on and sample the Editor’s picks, the exquisite cream-of-the-crop of Malta’s luxury hotels.

Hotel Conference Facilities in Riga, Latvia

Compiled by Anja Coppieters, November 2009.

Over the past decade, largely due to Latvia's favourable geographic location, modern facilities and multi-lingual, forward-thinking people, Riga has become a nexus of conferences bridging the business interests between East and West. Seasoned organizers acknowledge that creating a successful event is both an art and a science. Naturally, a creative vision is conducive to the conception of an inspired, memorable event, but without the solid foundations of sound organization and reliable partners to realize that vision, the most intricate aspirations are but castles in the sky - unattainable. Tangible actions and experienced partners are vital catalysts to spark the transcendence of a beautiful vision from the realm of dreams into reality. In this feature, we have compiled the most prestigious and capable hotel venues in Riga, most of which, have many years of experience in organizing impeccably professional conferences, workshops and banquets. Choosing these venues you will be in good hands.

Find out more about what's planned at these and other venues under the Event Calendar and visit our accommodation section of Latvia for contact details. Wishing you a sensational, profitable endeavour.

The Bane Of Riga’s Restaurants

By Oleg K. Temple, September 2009.

Blatant malpractices and gross breaches of ethics cast a dark, ugly shadow on Riga's restaurant and bar scene threatening the welfare of honest establishments and marring their hard-earned reputations. The government has, thus far, maintained an aloof, taciturn approach to the issue and restaurant owners, whose business interests are at stake, now take matters into their own hands, determined to procure the elixir that stems and eradicates the escalation of fraud and lawlessness in the business.


The Genesis of the Hanseatic League

By Oleg K. Temple, 2008.

In 1143 Count Adolf II of Schauenburg built a settlement of Christian merchants between the Trave and the Wakenitz rivers, and thus the city of Lübeck was born. After a devastating fire the Saxon King, Henry the Lion, established Lübeck for a second time. After 1159 Lübeck quickly became the economic centre of Northern Europe.

RIGA's Phoenix

By Oleg K. Temple, 2008.

The House of the Blackheads on Ratslaukums (Town Hall Square) was first built in 1334 by the merchant association the Great Guild and was frequently used by the Town Council of Riga to hold meetings and host celebrations.

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