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20 Best Gift Ideas For Busy Ladies

Best Birthday Present, Anniversary Or Valentine Gift Ideas For Women

Have you heard that women are indecisive? Hogwash.

Some say that we girls are hard to please and never know what we want. But that’s just an excuse not to make an effort—perhaps some should listen more and try harder. What we crave is attention and a thoughtful gift speaks volumes about how much you care for your special lady. We have scoured through hundreds and hundreds of items within the Amazon store and distilled the best gift ideas to the selection below. Whether you need a present for Valentine’s, International Women’s Day (8th of March), Mother’s Day, birthday or anniversary, you will find something delightful for any budget here. 

20 Best Gift Ideas In 2018 For Busy Gentlemen

Best Birthday Present, Anniversary Or Valentine Gift Ideas For Men

Thinking of what to give an enterprising friend or co-worker? 

You could, of course, just give an Amazon gift card or... colder still, plain cash. That way the person can get what they want for themselves. However, money in an envelope or a bank transfer are such impersonal gifts, don’t you find? Almost inevitably, your congratulatory tokens will get mixed up with rent or grocery payments and your best wishes will get lost in the humdrum of everyday life. Yes, it is a pragmatic and time-efficient solution, but practicality and convenience are not the qualities that build lasting friendships. Attention, empathy and trust are.


The best storage devices smart money should buy

The vast bulk of the world’s computer data was created over the past couple of years. In 2013 this figure stood reportedly at 90% and today pundits estimate that the 3.7 billion folks online in 2017, create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily. All this information must be catalogued and stored for posterity, right? But a server is only as good as its storage drive. This article is all about helping you choose the right storage device for your specific needs.

Samsung T5 Portable SSD Review

Portable storage units are invaluable assets in today’s busy world, where we demand ever more time-saving and performance from our machines. With the advent of the USB flash sticks, the public developed a taste for convenience. Portable drives no longer belong, primarily, in the sanctified domain of architects, game developers, RAW photographers, video editors, graphic designers and other high-end professionals. Today, everyone with a smartphone fancies themselves as a proficient photographer and most people spread their work online through social media. Computers have limited storage and are vulnerable to attacks (such as the ransomware debacle of 2017), thus, many among us prefer to keep the built-in drive for programmes and store work files elsewhere.

Head-to-head DSLR Comparison: EOS 60D vs EOS 80D

Photographic history at a glance:

Photography is a huge industry, Although the first partially successful photograph dates back to 1816, only a few million pictures were taken during the 19th century. It was only in February 1900, when the first commercial camera was introduced, the $1 Kodak Brownie, did mass photo-mania truly take flight. In 1930, a billion photos were taken and the annual average continued to climb. It was 3 billion by 1960 and 86 billion pictures by 2000. By 2012, with the advent of the smartphone, the figures exploded. We were taking 380 billion photos per year. Already back then, on average 300 million photos were being posted to just Facebook every day. Today, just some two odd hundred years after the dawn of photography, experts estimate that every 75 seconds, humanity takes more photographs than it did throughout the entire 1800s. Amazing.

Is Bitcoin a worthy investment or a reckless risk? (part 2)

By Oleg K Temple, January 2018

PART 2 — How cryptocurrencies are made

Read part 1 of the article here:



Is Bitcoin a worthy investment or a reckless risk?

By Oleg K Temple, January 2018

PART 1 — What are cryptocurrencies?

Are democracy and capitalism mutually-exclusive? (Part 1 of 3)

By Oleg Temple, September 2017.

Media: The Common Sense Guide To Modern Advertising - Part II

By Oleg K. Temple, June 2014.

In Part one of this article we examined the logic behind your campaign, now let us review execution. A meticulously designed campaign can still ‘fall flat on its face’, if the execution is not timely and well-coordinated.

Media: The Common Sense Guide to Modern Advertising - Part I

By Oleg K. Temple, April 2014.

When planning to invest in an advertising campaign for our business, some of the considerations are: who constitutes our target audience, how should we reach out to them and when or how often. In a perfect business world, the short answers to these questions would be: everyone, effectively and constantly.

Five Precious (strata)Gems of Business in a ‘Still-water’ Economy (continued)

By Oleg K. Temple, June 18, 2013.

With the global economy down for the count, many entrepreneurs have faced the tough realities of how to stay afloat and is mere survival worth the increased wear and tear on their nerves and accounts? With belts tightened so far that the corset has become the new waistcoat, businesses are finding it hard to breathe, let alone find the vigour and flexibility to expand. While for others, the necktie has become a noose.

Five Precious (strata)Gems of Business in a ‘Still-water’ Economy

By Oleg K. Temple, March 15, 2013.

When the winds of change are out of breath and your clients are being poached by larger companies offering cheaper deals, how do you get by, or indeed, survive? Propelling your enterprise toward success becomes tricky and exhausting if you do not address the root-causes that have lead to stagnation and decay.

Funding Fairness: Investors vs. Founders (part 1)

By Oleg K. Temple, July 2011.

Part I of II: Opening gambit

Every modern businessperson will agree: honest investors are hard to find. In the ever-escalating battle for survival, small and medium businesses seeking funding are required to comply with a mind-boggling quantity of rules and regulations. Actually, hundreds of major international banks and investment companies can be found fairly easily online, however, passing the screening process is no trifling matter and it is more likely that a plan to rescue one's personal economy by cracking Fort Knox would work first time round than a business plan would sail pristine through to the finish.

Managing Stress in Business

By Oleg K. Temple, June 2011.

In the modern world stress plagues us from all sides. We stand at the peak of our technological advancement, yet we are unsatisfied - yesterday's express speed is today's snail pace and we are expected to perform more tasks quicker than 20 people could handle 100 years ago. The rat race rules remain the same - whether the rodents invent bicycles, booster rockets or teleporters. When is enough truly enough? How to summon the strength to carry on without doing irreversible damage to yourself and hurting those around you - after all, unresolved conflict at home and personal problems will inevitably reflect upon your in business performance anyway.


How to successfully market your hotel, travel agency or any other business (part 2)

By Oleg K. Temple, April 2011.
Part II of III - The lifecycle of a meme

Isaac Newton's third law affirms: “action is equal and opposite to reaction”, so it is with a marketing campaign – the larger your goal, the harder it is to tip the scales from concept to prospect at takeoff and then keep the campaign flying. You may wonder, how does this apply to the hotel industry – “as a manager of a mid-sized guesthouse snugly situated in the tranquil English countryside, what do I care for memes?” The answer is simple: advertising is about getting the right kind of attention for your hotel or any other business, i.e. to attract guests or customers and retain them as regulars. Even if you design the most exclusive hotel or guesthouse with state of the art conference facilities, luxury restaurants and top-notch amenities, without promotion your hotel would shrivel and fail – this applies the same way for luxury hotels located in New York, Chicago, Berlin and anywhere else in the world, just as it does for budget hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts and the like.
The difference that the internet and in particular social media has brought is that now SMEs can market themselves at a fraction of the cost, with the predominant part of the investment being time, i.e. anyone can strike the creative spark idea spark idea that will start as a susurrus and then suddenly become amplified and intensified into a squall taking the internet by storm. In the previous part of this article, we examined the recent hoax that rocked Twitter, this time around, we will look closer at the vectors of change and how memes of such vast magnitude are born and replicate.

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