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New article: A fresh look at contemporary China

Our Editor-in-chief has just returned from a conference on tourism management in China, where he was part of a delegation representing Latvia. Read here about how the tour of the great Oriental country altered his preconceptions. As China accelerates into the future, changes happen so quickly that one encounters a whole new country every year.

New article: China leads the way in 5G

Read about the latest revolution in communication here. China launches the game-changing technology ahead of schedule and beats rivals out of the history books. A well-timed, astute move and a justified risk, given the size of China’s domestic market. China’s tech giants like Huawei rolled out 5G-compatible models already in early summer of 2019.

Grand Update Coming Soon

We have been working on something Big, as is our way. In Q3 2019 we will unveil a major update to this platform, which will empower our Members to do more in terms of NETworking and promotion. The site will become faster and more secure than ever before and for the first time ever, Members will be able to earn real money by advocating for business.

Our ultimate goal is to help SMEs grow and prosper through active cooperation knowledge-sharing, and other forms of mutual support. Watch this space, more details will be disclosed soon, in the meanwhile... Don't get left behind-if you haven't already done so, join The Cornerstones of World Business today and be part of the future of NETworking!



HOT: Latvia Restaurants updated

Visiting Latvia? Make this a trip to remember! Find the best places to dine in Riga and you will learn firsthand why Latvia's capital earned the moniker of "Paris of the north". Indeed, Riga's romantic, winding streets overflow with unique architectural heritage and exude an unmatched cultural flavour, but you have not truly experienced Riga, until you have tasted its soul food!



Welcome New Member

Excellent, modern conference facilities in the heart of Finland. Enjoy unique accommodations at Hanasaaren Kulttuurikeskus, the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre. With a population of close to 300,000 inhabitants, Espoo is the second largest city in Finland. Visit and sample the natural and cultural treasure that the "Land of the Thousand Lakes" has to offer.



Recently updated categories

Companies added recently to the hotels in Romaniarestaurants in Belgiumbusiness, insurance and finance USA and law firms UK sections. Travellers, use our extensive database, featuring thousands of hand-picked companies from Europe and N. America to ensure a safe and rewarding experience. Business owners, make sure that your company is well represented with full and accurate information. If you can't find your company, you are welcome to list it free of charge-start paving the road toward your success TODAY! 



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Visiting Portland, Oregon any time soon? Be sure not to miss the opportunity to pamper yourself with a stay at the Heathman Hotel. Portland is an amazing city, considered ‘weird' by many, but this luxurious hotel will make you feel right at home.



NEW ARTICLE on the recent "HOUSE I 2019" expo in Latvia

Our team interviewed some of the most interesting participants to get some background information on their services and goods and feedback on the exhibition. The article is in two parts:

Part 1 — HOUSE I 2019 Expo — A Detailed Report

Part 2 — HOUSE I 2019 Expo — A Detailed Report (Part 2)


Welcome New Members

Best lawyers in New York database update: Legal Services New York. Welcome newest Members: David Resnick & Associates and Niren & Associates. Many other interesting law firms have also been added to the upgraded database. Find the right legal representative for you today. Timing, experience and affordability play crucial roles when selecting your legal team and don’t forget to evaluate your attorney’s reputation. Use our extensive database, featuring hundreds of law firms in New York, to perform your due diligence and select the attorney who will ensure your enduring success!

Futureproof ideas for starting a business | Part 1 of 3

New article on how to start a business. In part one we explore 5 keys to success when starting a business, from writing a comprehensive business plan, to picking the right team and location. These may be fundamental ideas, but do not take the foundations of your business for granted. The decisions you make at the onset of your journey must stand the test of time and will very hard to mend down the road, should you take them lightly and make them carelessly.

๏ ๏ ๏ Best gifts for her ๏ ๏ ๏ (2018 selection)

We’ve done the research, so check out our 20 picks of top gift ideas in 2018, as in the busy modern world, finding the right gift can prove to be an elusive, time-consuming quest. What most people crave is care and affection, best expressed through attention to detail and interests of your special lady’s character. Treat yourself to a 20-course meal for your thoughts! And you might find that delicious inspiration you’ve been searching for and even if you have already gotten her that elegant cake of a gift, you may discover the perfect ‘cherry’ to place on top.

* * * * Best gifts for him * * * * (2018 selection)

Here is a list of 20 great gift ideas for men. Finding imaginative presents for special occasions, is a perpetual challenge in every relationship. Few men are open books about their desires, but fear not, fair friend, we have just the advice to get your creative juices flowing. We have scoured the internet and shortlisted a selection of the trendiest gifts for men in 2018. As everyone among us wishes for our every gift to stand out and become a cherished memento, rather than just another thing in the pile of things. Some of these gift ideas may not be destined to become sentimental keepsakes, but they will be much-appreciated, frequently used items, assisting or entertaining your man in his daily life. 

Blog post: Samsung T5 Portable SSD Review

Looking for a fast, quiet data storage unit? Check out the review of this awesome solid state drive. A perfect fit for architects, designers, video editors and other professionals working with large amounts of rapid-access data. Most of the work done today gets converted into virtual information at some point, so a dependable storage device is of paramount import. Read our review and recommendations, to learn how this great gadget can benefit you and your business.

Samsung T5 Portable SSD Review    

Blog post: Head-to-head DSLR Comparison: EOS 60D vs EOS 80D

Need to cover a company event, create promotional material or redecorate your business space? These are all excellent reasons to consider a semi-professional camera. Canon has been consistently an industry leader when it comes to DSLRs. In this article we compare two of the most popular choices from Canon's double-digit line-up. Both cameras boast articulating displays and are excellent choices for capturing both photo and video, but which one is the right choice for you? Check out our recommendations and don't miss our review of some of the top-notch mirrorless cameras, coming soon.

Head-to-head DSLR Comparison: EOS 60D vs EOS 80D    

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