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Floriance SIA
Country: Latvia
City: Olaines pag.
Landscaping & Interior Des

Brīvības gatve 217-16, 3rd fl.,
LV1039 Rīga

Phone: (371)  29 360 813
Cell phone: (371)  29 360 813

The B2BLiST saw its first light during the previous 2007-2008 financial crisis - dormant since 2015 as business improved, it is now up & running! The virus has of course changed how we meet until ''The All Clear'' sounds, but the activity is there.

Via a set of topical/A-topical events, and activities we bring together business leaders, owners and decision-takers based on what we know are their agendas to be. Different activities spur different thoughts but it is also that of bringing forward a variety of choices draws the best out of the participant! Interaction is the KEY word.-Do TELL your ideas?! The manager has placed some 30.000 business cards in the region

The activities are scheduled to be 5-10 over the first year and run via The TASTE LiST - as in meeting up in HoReCa & Hospitality circumstances, visiting  professional venues, wine tastings, organising proper seating or more cosy events in-house! Also events outdoors - Golf,Sauteed Swedish Herring (early autumn),Managers Cook,Fine Dining - all is literally ''On the Table'':). 

The FOCUS LiST are 1-3 companies covering the topics of their choice. MAJOR LiSTs,often w several speakers, external as well as members e.g., larger settings such as The Speaker's Corner,ENERGY Matters, Factory visits and Exports.

This is a membership decided by your level of activity - Sponsoring GOLD Member,SILVER & Standard Level. ''Overseas' levels possible, via skype, but by the idea itself the physical presence is crucial. With ties to PRIME Recruitment - its more than 20 years in Baltic business and exceptionally rich network and sourcing staff, we offer the member suitable staff across the Baltics, testing via THOMAS Int (DISC),IQ-tests,Team etc. Job seekers are welcomed but as members via processing at cost. Being present as ''seeing is believing'' should make us all a ''win-win''.Individual contract with each member secures mutual opportunity! WELCOME! for more information!

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